Who are we?
The New Zealand Anglican Church Pension Board was established by the General Synod of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia in 1972. The Board reports to that body (or its Standing Committee).

What do we do?

The New Zealand Anglican Church Pension Board operates superannuation schemes for clergy and employees of the Anglican Church and other religious charitable organisations and a KiwiSaver scheme aimed at people associated with Christian organisations. The Board is the Trustee, the Manager, Administrator and Investment Manager of the schemes.

The Board is the Trustee of various trust funds available to assist Anglican clergy and their surviving spouses in times of need and for other specified purposes (e.g. health costs).

The Board undertakes investigations from time to time on behalf of the Anglican Church.

Auxiliary services provided by the Board include:

  • Trustee of a Sickness, Accident or Death Fund

  • Administrator of the Anglican Insurance Board

  • Administrator of both the Anglican Tax Unit and the AllChurches Bureau