What is the purpose of the Supplementary Support Fund?
The Supplementary Support Fund is a Sickness, Accident, or Death Benefit Fund approved by the Inland Revenue Department.

It provides, by way of two insurance policies, a lump sum benefit on the death of a member while in service, and a continuing income when a member suffers an illness or disablement making them unable to work for at least 90 consecutive days.

Who is responsible for managing the fund?
The Pension Board is the Trustee and Administrator of the Supplementary Support Fund.

What are the benefits available?
On Death
A lump sum payment of three year's annual notified salary or stipend.

On Disablement
A monthly benefit of 50% of gross notified salary or stipend.

Who is eligible to join the fund?
Dioceses, nga Hui Amorangi and other Church associated bodies may join as Participating Parties of the fund.

Every eligible employee and clergy of a Participating Party may join the fund.

What information is available on the fund?
The Trust Deed of the Supplementary Support Fund can be requested. Please contact the Pension Board for more information.

What is the cost?
The Board sets the contribution rate and this is reviewed annually.

Effective from 1 January 2015, the current contribution rate for the combined benefits is 2.093% of salary or stipend.