The New Zealand Anglican Church Pension Fund
Member's Benefit Calculation

Subscribers, Retained Members and those on Leave of Absence can calculate their membership benefits for any future date. To do so the member needs to enter their member number and password.

Member Number: Your member number can be found on your annual statement. If you need to know your number contact the Board at

Password: Your password needs to be arranged with the Board's office before you can access your membership information via the internet. You choose your own password. Your password must be between 6 and 12 chacters long and can be letters, digits or both. Upper case and lower case letters are treated as the same. If you wish to change your password or you forget it, contact the Board's office. You cannot add, change or delete your password via the internet.

Calculation Date for Benefits:

Your Estimate of Future Annual Pension Increases: Any lump sum and pension increases have usually happened on 1 October in past years. This Benefit Calculation will assume that any estimated benefit increases will happen on 1 October in future years.