What is the purpose of the Health Fund?
The Pension Board has established the Health Fund to assist retired clergy, clergy widows and orphans and in specified circumstances, other dependants, with part of the cost of major medical expenses they may incur in accordance with a schedule of procedures and treatments for which grants are available.

What benefits are available?
Financial help for lenses, hearing aids, specialist consultants, scans and tests, and some surgeries is available. For a complete list of claimable treatments and maximum assistance available please look here.

Who is eligible to access money from the fund?
Retired clergy and clergy widows (both stipendiary and non-stipendiary clergy/minita-a-iwi) are eligible to make an application for a grant from the Health Fund.

Retired clergy must meet the following conditions:
  1. They are ordained; and
  2. They are not engaged in any regular paid or stipended work; and
  3. They are either:
    • a pensioner of the NZ Anglican Church Pension Fund; or
    • of an age to be eligible to apply for New Zealand Superannuation (for New Zealand residents); or
    • of an age to be eligible to apply for a benefit from the Fijian National Provident Fund (for persons with the Diocese of Polynesia); and
  4. They hold a Bishop’s licence or permission to officiate, or they held a Bishop’s licence immediately before retirement.
What can be claimed?
The Health Fund will accept applications for grants from or on behalf of eligible persons resident in New Zealand or Polynesia up to the limits set out in the Schedule less any costs recovered or recoverable from any other source. Grants are not available for conditions or treatments shown as excluded items on the Schedule. Applications for grants will be accepted for costs associated with existing medical conditions qualifying in accordance with the Schedule, provided those costs have not been or are not recoverable from another source. The Health Fund will pay 80% of the claimable cost of each treatment, up to the limit set out in the Schedule.

What is the claims process?
An application form needs to be completed and sent to the Pension Board, along with evidence of the cost (eg. receipts, invoices). A claim can only be made within six months of the date of treatment.

What are the costs?
The Health Fund has set maximum levels of grants depending on the category of the claim. All costs above that must be met by the applicant.

There is no annual contribution or premium charged.

What information is available to an applicant?
The most recent Health Fund brochure, grant schedule and application form can be viewed here.