What is the purpose of the Pension Fund?
The Pension Fund's main purpose is to provide lump sums and pensions for clergy on retirement from stipendiary ministry with the Church.

It also provides lump sums and pensions for widow/ers and dependants of clergy who were on pension or would have been eligible for pension. The fund also provides financial aid for subscribers and/or their dependants under special circumstances.

Who is responsible for managing the fund?
The New Zealand Anglican Church Pension Board is the trustee, manager, administration manager, and investment manager of the Pension Fund.

Mostly the assets of the fund are self-managed, and in accordance with an ethical investment policy.

What benefits are available?
The following benefits are provided:
  • Lump sum payment and lifetime pension on retirement

  • Lump sum payment and lifetime pension on early retirement due to disability/ill health

  • Lifetime pension to a surviving spouse (death in retirement)

  • Lump sum payment and lifetime pension to a surviving spouse (death in service)

  • Lump sum payment on withdrawal

  • Child allowance payment to a dependant child (following death of a member)
Most benefits are calculated based upon the years of pensionable service.
An online member benefit calculator can be found here.

Who is eligible to join the fund?
All Anglican clergy holding a Bishop's Licence or permission to officiate and who are engaged in full time, constant and active work with the Church become members of the Pension Fund, unless the Board grants an exemption from membership.

Provision also exists for those stipendiary clergy in shared ministry or working on a part time basis to join the Fund.

Before joining prospective members must receive a Product Disclosure Statement and complete an "Agreement to become a Member" form.

Is it possible to purchase back service?
It is possible for any subscriber to purchase back service. This is actuarially calculated and paid to the fund either as a lump sum or by regular payments or by both. The maximum pensionable service is 42 years at age 65.

To help calculate the cost of purchasing back service, a calculator is available here.

What information is available to members?

  • Annual Statement of Account

  • Annual Report of the Pension Fund

  • Fund Update

  • Newsletter

  • Online cost of buying backservice calculation

  • Online member benefit calculation

  • Annual Pension Statement

  • Annual Report of the Pension Fund

  • Newsletter

A copy of the Fund Update for the Complying Fund Section of the Pension Fund can be found here.

A copy of the Pension Board's Ethical Investment Policy and Responsible Investment Statement can be found here.

Member benefits may be calculated online. Contact the Pension Board to obtain a password and the procedures for accessing personal information.