What is the purpose of The Retire Fund?
The purpose of The Retire Fund is to encourage workers of Church Organisations to provide for their own retirement. The Retire Fund offers a number of contribution and benefit payment options.

Who is responsible for managing the Fund?
The New Zealand Anglican Church Pension Board is the trustee, manager, administration manager, and investment manager of The Retire Fund.

Mostly the assets of the Fund are self-managed, and in accordance with an ethical investment policy.

What benefits are available?
The following benefits are provided:
  • The Retire Fund provides lump sum benefits, based on the value of the accounts held in the member's name.

  • Under current tax legislation the benefits are not taxable when received by the member.

  • Benefits are payable upon retirement, early retirement due to ill health or permanent incapacity approved as such by the trustee, upon death or withdrawal.

  • Members can choose to leave their funds in The Retire Fund at retirement and drawdown lump sums as they require them.

Who is eligible to join the fund?
The Retire Fund is no longer accepting new members.

What are the latest declared earning rates for The Retire Fund?

From 1 April 2016 the declared rates are calculated and allocated to member accounts quarterly.

The declared rates for the 3 months ended 31 December 2018 are:


10.5% PIR

17.5% PIR

28% PIR









The declared rates for the 3 months ended 31 March 2019 are:


10.5% PIR

17.5% PIR

28% PIR









What information is available to members?
Information available to members of the Retire Fund include:
  • Online account information

  • Annual Statement of Account

  • Fund Updates

  • Annual Report

  • Newsletter

A copy of the Fund Updates for the Balanced Pool and Conservative Pool can be found here.

How can members access their account information?
Member account information can be viewed online here. Alternatively, members may contact the Pension Board for an account statement.